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Posted August 9, 2012 by DetaAdmin in Apprentice

Apprenticeships: Good for Business

Apprentices are employees who earn a wage and work alongside experienced staff in businesses to gain job-specific skills. In addition to development of their work place skills apprentices will attend off the job training, usually on a day-release basis to gain a relevant course of further education.


The benefits of employing an Apprentice are shown in the ‘Good for Business’ research carried out by the National Apprenticeship Service:

·        Apprentices bring new ideas into your company.

·        Apprentices inject new life blood into a company.

·        Apprenticeships demonstrate your company’s commitment to training.

·        Apprentices can be moulded into your ideal employee.


DETA 2000 has a long history of working with the local business community to train and develop our young people through Apprenticeships. 


Why DETA2000

We manage Apprenticeships locally and can advise you on ways to develop and train your workforce. Contact us on 01302 343062 or


·        Most apprenticeships are offered to 16-24 year olds

·        If you send us a job description we can help find the right staff for your company

·        The employer needs to pay the wages of the Apprentice

·        The employer may be expected to contribute to training costs